My body is my friend... (Open Society Foundation)

The objective of our project is to work with children and with their parents from socially disadvantaged groups following the model of creative and scholastic education which is based on the principle that it is possible to develop a positive attitude towards yourself, other people and towards life. We are going to use the best known method to work with children, and with their parents which is PLAY that positively influences  the development of the whole personality of children. Its most important principles are deliberateness and feedback to find out if we achieved the goal set. The children are going to find out more about the physical development of a human being, a healthy diet and sexual education in an educational and playful way. Moreover, in our activities we are going to focus on the prevention of  socio-pathological phenomena in society such as alcohol abuse, gambling, nicotine dependence  and drug abuse. By means of the prevention  we aim to stop  social exclusion and marginalization.