Crisis Centre

The Crisis Centre was established in August 2006 and was accredited by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. It was established  with the help of the project IS Equal, as the first centre based on professional families according to European Standards.  The Crisis Centre works with the victims of violence , socially deprived people and abused, neglected or abandoned children. The Crisis Center has been supported financially by BBSK (Banska Bystrica Self-Governing Region) and UPSVAR Banska Bystrica (The Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Banska Bystrica).

It  provides a temporary placement for children and allows  children the opportunity to grow in a family-like and home-like environment.  It is able to keep siblings together and it gives children the opportunity to meet their  biological parents on a regular basis. Children come into care on a preliminary order of the court.




 In our region there is a high number of problem children but there is a lack of associations able to respond immediately to the crisis situations of our citizens. This results in a high number of  neglected or even abused children being placed in our centre.

We have been the only non-state crisis centre in the Slovak Republic functioning on the system of professional families since August 2006. Family-based care has a more positive influence on  children in crisis compared to the environment of institutional care. Also it is more effective, as professional parents are able to meet the specific needs of children.